Dave and Buster's 

The Dave and Buster’s B.R.A.G. group meets at 8 a.m. Wednesdays at D & B’s Utica location, 45511 Park Avenue, 48317. This group was formed in 2007, is very dynamic and welcoming, and they truly understand the reach and potential of referral networking at its finest. This group is friendly and supports fellow members through the exchange of ideas, use of social media, and by hosting informative seminars.

They encourage visitors to arrive early and stay late for additional informal networking. To arrange a visit, please contact one of these leaders:

Dave and Buster’s Leadership Team:

Chair: Jenny McInerney, Blanchard Agency
(586) 598-7300

Co-Chair: Ron Ptaszek, Neat and Nifty Tech L.C.
(586) 630-3064

Guest Host:
 Tom Grant, Comerica Bank
(586) 566-8290



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