Hamlin Pub

The Hamlin Pub B.R.A.G. group meets at 8 a.m. Wednesday mornings at the Hamlin Pub at 48929 Hayes Rd. in Shelby Township.  The Hamlin Pub members are a very dynamic collection of business professionals that have bonded together to form a great resource to exchange business referrals and to help each other grow their businesses.  The group is a friendly and welcoming unit which has each other's interest at all times.  The members also support each other through the exchange of ideas, the use of social media, and informative seminars.

The Hamlin Pub B.R.A.G. group was formed in 2007 and has been successful in growing their membership by opening their group up for visitors to see the excitement of the referral exchange through relationship marketing at its best.

The Hamlin Pub B.R.A.G. group encourages visitors to arrive early and stay late for informal networking.  To arrange for a visit, please contact one of the leaders, listed below:

Hamlin Pub Leadership Team:

Chair: Jenny McInerney, Maris Brown Agency
(586) 752-4861

Co-Chair: Ron Ptaszek, Neat and Nifty Tech L.C.
(586) 630-3064

Guest Host:
 Jenny McInerney, Maris Brown Insurance Agency
(586) 752-4862


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